CAP fees add to nursing shortage

March 25, 2022

I am a registered nurse (RN) who completed the competency assessment programme (CAP) in May 2021. But I had to pay nearly NZ$12000 to finish CAP. Travelling plus the OET (occupational English test) exam fee, all this adds up to huge amount. Other countries are way less expensive. And, moreover, they reimburse nurses the cost of the OET and ticket fare plus CBT (compulsory basic training) exam fee etc. And hence many of my friends who would love to come to New Zealand as RNs go to the United Kingdom and Ireland instead. If something could be done about this, we are likely to get more nurses than we get now.

This shortage of nurses is otherwise going to keep rising, especially in this pandemic. Some attractive packages or reimbursement would definitely make a difference.

Thanks and regards
Ashly Mangalasseril (RN)
RN , NZ.