Health-care assistant plea over residency visa

March 25, 2022

I am writing today to bring some issues to light.

I work as health-care assistant (HCA) in one of the care facilities. There are a lot who are working as HCAs – nurses and even doctors who didn’t qualify for the [one-off] 2021 resident visa [fast-tracked for over 5000 health and aged care workers] just because some of them were holding student or partnership visas when it was announced.

Even though we are working hard and so closely with COVID patients helping to fill in the gaps for other HCAs, nurses and doctors who got COVID in the process.

So, I am trying to say that NZNO should put pressure on Immigration New Zealand that all who missed out just because of being on a different visa, insufficient time spent in New Zealand or earning less than $27 per hour should be included and granted the opportunity to be New Zealand resident.

For all of us working in this field and missed out on that opportunity of one off 2021 residency visa is heart-breaking and very unfair on us.

HCAs’ contribution is no less than any other who are working in the medical field in this extreme situation.

Hope to get some answers.


Sangita Shrestha, HCA,