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Just a thought Insomnia

A story of recovery from 'power control and silent violence'
Resistance to vaccinations prompts recall of diphtheria horrors for centenarian
Advice for nurses: mental health nurse and life coach Helen Duyvestyn shares her insights into maintaining our chill in the midst of a global pandemic. 

Former nurse illuminates the effects of abuse

I have just finished reading Anne Thurston’s recently published book Notes from Inside: A courageous woman’s experiences of domestic violence and mental illness.

Attitudes to vaccination have changed little in 80 years, says former ‘fever’ nurse  

Former nurse Una O’Neill, of Christchurch, says today's opposition to COVID-19 vaccinations echoes opposition she saw in 1940s England when she nursed in “fever wards” in World War II.

Former chief nurse Broodkoorn among nurses honoured

The country's first Māori chief nurse is among the health professionals and advocates awarded honours in the Queen's Birthday list.

Critical care nurses can make ICUs and hospitals greener

Nurses can play a crucial role in making hospitals more sustainable, says NZNO College of Critical Care Nurses chair Tania Mitchell, as new guidelines are released.

‘Hard work, comradeship and fun’ — a history of hospital training in Palmerston North

'The Right Girls' is a journey back in time to the era of hospital training.

Enrolled nurses’ scope of practice to be reviewed this year — Nursing Council

NZNO's enrolled nurses (ENs) say they are looking forward to working closely with the Nursing Council to review their scope of practice, after a 2019 survey found ENs preferred not to work "under the direction" of nursing colleagues.

It’s time to truly recognise the contribution of enrolled nurses

The struggles of the enrolled nurse (EN) profession are well-documented and it is time ENs are truly recognised for what they contribute.

Nurse leader pleads for funding as staffing shortage forces closure of 900 aged-care beds

Nurses in aged care are burning out and breaching their contracts working extended shifts to fill roster gaps, amid increasingly complex need of residents, says an aged care nurse leader.

Looking after your health and wellbeing in a pandemic

Mental health nurse and life coach Helen Duyvestyn shares her insights into maintaining our chill in the midst of a global pandemic. 

Health reforms fail to deliver on climate change, say NZNO & other health professionals

Climate change remains the greatest threat to human health, according to the World Health Organization.1

Migrant nurses vital to NZ and need better support, MPs told

Migrant nurse leader calls on MPs to better support IQNs, who are vital to the New Zealand health service.

Introduction to biological medicines

Biological medicines are being increasingly used to treat a range of conditions in New Zealand. Nurses need to understand what they are, how they are used and possible side effects in the patients they care for.

Cardiovascular disease — tackling medication adherence

Managing patients’ CVD risk, medication non-adherence, and improving communication with patients: This article has particular relevance to primary care nurses, including those specialising in long-term conditions, and to cardiac care educators.

Hand hygiene: A student nurse perspective

RNs should be setting an example to student nurses on how to perform hand hygiene to the highest standards.

COVID anxiety — helping patients cope

Constant media saturation over the past two years has painted a catastrophic picture of COVID-19. While this has helped drive up immunisation rates, it is having unintended consequences.

The importance of nurse-led foot care

Nurses in primary care play an important role in managing foot care, especially for elderly, diabetic and disabled patients.

HOW TO TREAT: COVID-19 in primary care

New Zealand can draw on the experiences of health systems around the world that have been caring for COVID-19 patients in the community much longer than us.

Beyond medicines for gout

Gout is a chronic and debilitating long-term condition that disproportionately affects Māori and Pacific people. It needs to be addressed with holistic care, and patient, ongoing relationships with whānau.

Harris marked a milestone in male nursing

NZ's first male general nurse faced opposition stepping into a female profession.

Transforming the system to enable good lives for disabled people

Under the health reforms, disabled people get their own ministry and more control over their lives and the support they receive.

What employment means for people with schizophrenia

Health-care professionals need to understand the benefits employment brings to people with schizophrenia.

JUNE crossword

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MAY crossword

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Awareness of falls risk helps seniors to retain their independence

Identifying your senior patients who are at risk of falling allows steps to be taken to reduce harm and support their desire to maintain their independence.