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Measures to relieve nursing pressures welcome but not enough, says NZNO of new health workforce plan.
'This is gaslighting' - fury and distress shared with minister over denial of a health system 'in or beyond' crisis.
Growing nurse prescribing levels see improved access to medicines for women, Māori and high need populations

12 candidates standing in NZNO board of directors elections 2022

Nominations were called for the NZNO Board of Directors on 17 June and closed at 12 noon, Friday 15 July 2022. As there were more than seven nominations received for the seven vacancies on the Board, an election is required. The following article contains the candidate profiles and photos of the candidates standing for the … Continue reading "12 candidates standing in NZNO board of directors elections 2022"

Member voting opens on three remits ahead of September AGM

Members can now vote on three remits relating to membership fees for students; supporting NZNO values and not bringing the organisation into disrepute; and proposed changes for NZNO members who belong to other unions.

Thanks minister, but please put nurses on the fast-track to residency

NZNO is cautiously welcoming a raft of new health workforce measures and a global nurse recruitment campaign -- but says ultimately Aotearoa needs to grow its own health workforce.

Real nurses star in campaign to draw more Māori, Pasifika & men into nursing  

NZNO nurses from military to burns and plastic surgery feature in a new NZNO-Ministry of Health (MoH) recruitment drive to encourage more people into nursing -- particularly Māori, Pasifika and men.

Not a crisis?

Thousands of nurses speak out in response to Health Minister Andrew Little's refusal to acknowledge a health system they say is 'in or beyond' crisis.

Former nurse illuminates the effects of abuse

I have just finished reading Anne Thurston’s recently published book Notes from Inside: A courageous woman’s experiences of domestic violence and mental illness.

Attitudes to vaccination have changed little in 80 years, says former ‘fever’ nurse  

Former nurse Una O’Neill, of Christchurch, says today's opposition to COVID-19 vaccinations echoes opposition she saw in 1940s England when she nursed in “fever wards” in World War II.

The struggles facing student nurses in today’s world

Resilience is key as inflation heaps pressure on 'beautiful' but stretched nursing students

Sitting at the top table — he karanga ki ngā tapuhi Māori

Māori nurse, lecturer and researcher puts out a call for more Māori nurses to join roopu on growing the Māori nursing workforce.

Vigilance needed over New Zealand’s hard-won abortion rights

New Zealand's gains in abortion rights could 'easily' be lost as in the United States, warns a senior women's health nurse.

It’s time to truly recognise the contribution of enrolled nurses

The struggles of the enrolled nurse (EN) profession are well-documented and it is time ENs are truly recognised for what they contribute.

Nurse leader pleads for funding as staffing shortage forces closure of 900 aged-care beds

Nurses in aged care are burning out and breaching their contracts working extended shifts to fill roster gaps, amid increasingly complex need of residents, says an aged care nurse leader.

Introduction to biological medicines

Biological medicines are being increasingly used to treat a range of conditions in New Zealand. Nurses need to understand what they are, how they are used and possible side effects in the patients they care for.

Cardiovascular disease — tackling medication adherence

Managing patients’ CVD risk, medication non-adherence, and improving communication with patients: This article has particular relevance to primary care nurses, including those specialising in long-term conditions, and to cardiac care educators.

Hand hygiene: A student nurse perspective

RNs should be setting an example to student nurses on how to perform hand hygiene to the highest standards.

COVID anxiety — helping patients cope

Constant media saturation over the past two years has painted a catastrophic picture of COVID-19. While this has helped drive up immunisation rates, it is having unintended consequences.

HOW TO TREAT: COVID-19 in primary care

New Zealand can draw on the experiences of health systems around the world that have been caring for COVID-19 patients in the community much longer than us.

Self-advocacy: An important skill for students on clinical placement

To gain the most from clinical placements, nursing students need to know how to communicate confidently with their preceptors - about what they do and don't know.

Nurse prescribing — the way of the future

Growing numbers of nurse prescribers are improving access to medicines.

Harris marked a milestone in male nursing

NZ's first male general nurse faced opposition stepping into a female profession.

Transforming the system to enable good lives for disabled people

Under the health reforms, disabled people get their own ministry and more control over their lives and the support they receive.

What makes a great preceptor? Nursing students have their say

Students chronicle their good and bad experiences with preceptors and give their view on how to perform the role well, to educate and inspire the next generation of nurses.

What employment means for people with schizophrenia

Health-care professionals need to understand the benefits employment brings to people with schizophrenia.

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Financial help available from Nurses Memorial Fund

In these ongoing challenging times of COVID-19, many people are experiencing financial hardship and we write to highlight the help available from the New Zealand Nurses Memorial Fund (NZNMF).