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Nurses across the country are preparing to take a stand against dangerous short-staffing on hospital wards.
Tired of waiting for official unsafe staffing signs, a critical care nurse created her own very public display of just how dire staffing levels were.
Hospital nurses are planning a national boycott of extra shifts as anger over incentive payments and short staffing grows

‘This was Sue’s magic, this is how she touched people’

The sudden death of mental health nurse and NZNO delegate Susan Cade has left colleagues shocked and grieving. Kaitiaki spoke to colleagues and family about the much-loved nurse.

Saju was six months into his nursing degree when tragedy struck

In a new series, Kaitiaki gets to know our board. Kicking it off, we spoke to novice board member Saju Cherian who was inspired to become a nurse by his late wife Shanty.

Members nationwide gear up for week-long boycott of extra shifts

Nurses across the country are preparing to take a stand against dangerous short-staffing on hospital wards.

Dunedin nurse takes short-staffing into her own hands with home-made poster

Tired of waiting for official unsafe staffing warning signs, Dunedin critical care nurse Debbie Robinson created her own very public display of just how dire short-staffing was in the hospital.

Battle looms over incentive payments

A battle is looming over incentive payments for additional shifts to fill desperately under-staffed hospital wards. NZNO members are vowing to stop doing them completely for the week of October 3-9 in a national protest while Te Whatu Ora says there won't be any need for them after September 30 anyway.

Maranga Mai! — rise up — is our plan to save the health system

Maranga Mai! – rise up – is a plan to save New Zealand’s health system, NZNO chief executive Paul Goulter tells conference delegates.

NZNO members silently protest to Andrew Little over ‘reneging’ on promised back pay

Andrew Little faces silent NZNO protest at conference as he acknowledges "extraordinary" pressures -- but warns resolving pay equity dispute could be more than a year away.

NZNO rules changed to protect against racism, hate and clarity on dual membership entitlements

NZNO’s constitution will make it a disciplinary offence for members to “incite racism or hate”, following a vote announced at NZNO's annual general meeting (AGM) on Tuesday.

Free NZNO membership for nursing students ‘an example for Government’

Student members say NZNO is "leading by example" by granting free membership to nursing students.

NZNO board election results brings a mix of new and returning directors

The NZNO 2022 board election results bring mixture of current, former and new board members.

Nursing Council announces changes to competency testing for overseas nurses

Direct competency and clinical assessments, alongside cultural safety education, are among crucial changes for internationally-qualified nurses (IQNs) coming to work in New Zealand from 2024.

With assisted dying now a reality, what do nurses need?

Nurses need clear policies and guidelines to give them confidence when dealing with assisted dying requests.

Te wero, our challenge, to grow our own workforce

The COVID-19 surge workforce -- of unregulated health workers -- could be an important source of new nurses.

Why Whangārei’s ED nurses said ‘No’ to extra shifts

Exhaustion, frustration and anger have led emergency nurses at Whangārei Hospital to hand over responsibility for staffing gaps to those in charge.

The reality of ED — ‘noisy, overcrowded, unsafe and broken down’

A nurse practitioner spells out the reality of working in an overcrowded, noisy, and ill-equipped ED, where tired nurses are rationing care while dealing with abusive, distressed patients.

Maranga Mai! Registration — what needs to change?

As Aotearoa New Zealand faces down a nursing shortfall of thousands, changes are afoot to how overseas nurses are registered here. In the second part of a series exploring Maranga Mai!, NZNO's campaign to fix the nursing crisis, Kaitiaki looks at what needs to change in the registration process.

Maranga Mai! Education — what needs to change?

About a third of Aotearoa’s nursing workforce is comprised of overseas-trained nurses, nurse vacancies are into the thousands and an estimated one in three nursing students are dropping out -- with even higher rates for Māori and Pacific1. In the first of a series exploring Maranga Mai!, NZNO's campaign to fix the nursing crisis, Kaitiaki … Continue reading "Maranga Mai! Education — what needs to change?"

Biological medicines: Transitioning to Amgevita — a biosimilar of adalimumab

Most patients taking the biological medicine adalimumab are transitioning to a "biosimilar" version of the drug called Amgevita. This article explains why this is happening, and how nurses in primary care can help smooth the transition.

Introduction to biological medicines

Biological medicines are being increasingly used to treat a range of conditions in New Zealand. Nurses need to understand what they are, how they are used and possible side effects in the patients they care for.

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Respiratory nurses breathe in ‘relief’ as symposium finally gets off the ground

A palpable sense of relief and satisfaction was felt at the end of the NZNO College of Respiratory Nurses online respiratory symposium on bronchiectasis -- a long-term lung condition where the airways are damaged.