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Will benefit women at an extremely frightening and vulnerable time.
Nadine Riwai's approach heavily influenced by Smear Your Mea founder.
Helping achieve health goals as a whole person, with their own beliefs, culture and story.

Vote for president and vice-president

Voting is open now for a new NZNO president and vice-president. Four nominations have been received for the position of president and three for the position of vice-president. The profiles of these election candidates can be read below. (NB: These profiles are not edited by Kai Tiaki staff.) Kerri Nuku was the sole nomination for … Continue reading "Vote for president and vice-president"

Push to boost election engagement after years of low member turn-out

Changes to help members learn more about candidates.

‘Disturbing’ Employment Court action by DHBs as members vote in droves to strike again

The vote was in, and the DHBs' gloves came off.

Students can strike – but not in uniform

Nursing schools have reassured students they are entitled to take part in NZNO strikes, as negotiations continue between district health boards (DHBs) and NZNO – as long as they’re not wearing nursing school uniforms.

Nurse students hit hard by COVID-19

An NZNO study has found students were hard hit by COVID-19 last year, particularly in their clinical placements.

NPs excluded from end-of-life prescribing

Nurse practitioners (NPs) have been excluded from prescribing or administering life-ending medication under the End of Life Choice Act (EOLCA), says Nurse Practitioners New Zealand (NPNZ) chair Sandra Oster.

NZNO analyst on end-of-life group

NZNO policy analyst Māori Leanne Manson (Ngāti Tama Ki Te Tauihu, Te Ātiawa) has been appointed to the End of Life Choice Act oversight group SCENZ – support and consultation for end of life in New Zealand.

General practices, pharmacies join COVID-19 vaccination rollout in droves

Health providers clamour to join rollout, but Māori vaccination rates still lag.

Millions of nurses left without full vaccination

Millions of health-care workers are still not fully vaccinated against COVID-19, sparking concern from the chief executive of the International Nursing Council.

Conference runs ahead of biggest health system shake-up in decades

Head of health reform unit to speak to nurses.

Cervical self-testing a long time coming

In July 2023, Aotearoa’s National Cervical Screening Programme (NCSP) will make its biggest change since it began in 1990, following the Cartwright Inquiry into experiments being conducted on patients at National Women’s Hospital without their consent.

The kaiwhakahaere comments

Tēnā koutou to NZNO members as we move into the Māori new year, Matariki, a time to balance progress and stability.

Opinion: Good cop, bad cop, a Little bit of each

In any government, there are portfolios that cut across problematic issues. Andrew Little is one minister who has negotiated these challenges with some success – politically, at least.

Too long taken for granted, nurses are waking up to political realities

The predominately female profession of nursing has been ignored for too long, and nurses' attitudes are hardening.

Life as a nurse practitioner opens a world of possibilities

Nurse practitioners (NPs) are highly skilled autonomous health practitioners who have advanced education, clinical training and demonstrated competency; they have the legal authority to practice beyond the level of a registered nurse (RN).

Mesothelioma: The deadly legacy of asbestos

Two long-serving nurses and NZNO delegates describe how their lives led up to a diagnosis of mesothelioma – the cancer caused by swallowing or inhaling asbestos fibres. They want to raise awareness of mesothelioma and the dangers of asbestos.

Nursing recruitment needs a boost

It might just be time for the great fees wipeout!

Nurses celebrate, lament long fight for cervical cancer self-test

After years of fighting to be heard, a network of passionate nurses, doctors and advocates have won the right for women to easily test themselves for signs of cervical cancer – but are angry it took so long.

NZ’s first nurse hysteroscopist-in-training

Waikato nurse practitioner (NP) and colposcopist Lauren Moore says she hopes training nurses in hysteroscopy – examination of the uterus – will benefit women at an "extremely frightening and vulnerable time" in their lives.

Nurse continues campaigner’s fight

Cervical screening coordinator for Waikato, specialty clinical nurse Nadine Riwai, (Ngāti Porou, Te Uri o Hau, Ngai Takoto) has been heavily influenced in her approach to caring for women by the Smear Your Mea (SYM) founder Talei Morrison.

Health and safety law prompted by Pike River tragedy, now helping hospital staff

Until now the focus in hospitals has been mostly on patient safety – but a law crafted to protect workers after a horrifying tragedy, puts the focus on staff as well.

Over-centralising the health system will not help

In the second of two articles on the Government’s planned health reforms, economist Brian Easton looks at the pros and cons of a more centralised system.

How diaries help ICU patients recover

A patient diary helps bridge memory gaps for intensive care patients, thus helping their psychological recovery.

Learning the role of the integrative nurse coach

A group of nurses are introduced to the role of the integrative nurse coach – a way of helping people achieve their health goals which sees them as a whole integrated person, with their own beliefs, culture and story.

Action across sectors, but some ‘wait and see’ what happens with DHBs

Bargaining is on the go, and NZNO supports calls for change to immigration rule.

Special day of Matariki events includes Canadian nursing link for new year

Matariki has appeared again in the skies, and NZNO celebrated the start of a new year with a special day of events in July.