‘Complex’ constitutional review pushed back

May 1, 2021

A review of NZNO’s constitution is unlikely to be completed in time for the 2021 NZNO annual general meeting (AGM) in September, says NZNO’s board of directors.

Diane McCulloch
Diane McCulloch

“Because of the scale and complexity of the task, it is unlikely this review will be completed in time for the 2021 AGM,” the board said in its kōrero email to members on May 4.


However, the board was close to selecting a reviewer, it said.

“This review could impact on every aspect within NZNO, so again it is important we select the right people for this job – people with constitutional expertise who understand the union environment.”

Board member Diane McCulloch has been elected chair of the constitutional review advisory group (CRAG). Other members of the group are tumu whakarae Titihuia Pakeho and board member Andrew Cunningham.

Representatives from the Cancer Nurses College (Sarah Ellery) and Mental Health Nurses’ Section (Jennie Rae) – which jointly submitted the remit calling for an independent review at the 2020 AGM – are also part of CRAG along with Te Poari members (Lizzy Kepa-Henry and Moana Teiho) and the membership committee (Brent Doncliff).

Terms of reference would be finalised when a reviewer/s was appointed, the board has previously stated.

The board said in its kōrero that now was a good time for members to start discussing how NZNO could be best “fit for purpose”.

Chief executive appointment

The board said it was still “working through the process” of appointing a new chief executive. “This is a very important appointment for a role that will lead us through a period of significant change,” its kōrero stated. “Therefore we [the board] will take whatever time is needed to find the right person.”