Kaitiaki Nursing New Zealand now free to all NZNO students

April 14, 2022

NZNO student leaders say they are “beyond excited” by a decision to allow free access for all student members to NZNO’s online nursing journal Kaitiaki Nursing New Zealand.

Te Rūnanga Tauira chair Waiharakeke Biddle

Previously, students were not able to access Kaitiaki without paying a fee. But – following discussions with the National Student Unit (NSU) and Te Rūnanga Tauira (TRT) committees in early March – NZNO’s  board of directors approved access for all student members.


National student chair Jade Power

Student co-leaders Waiharakeke Biddle and Jade Power said they were “beyond excited” about the move.


“This will allow student members to be more informed, encourages students to engage and allows us to have insight into the nursing profession and our future,” they said.  “Kaitiaki is a fantastic resource for assignments as well as allowing students to publicise their work. Leadership and the NSU is very pleased with this decision from NZNO.”


Associate professional and nursing services manager Kate Weston said the move was “great news to keep tauira connected with NZNO  and be up to date with what is happening in nursing”.

Members including all students need only to register once here for Kaitiaki Nursing New Zealand here – then log in here to access all content.