Māori model of organising and wellbeing in pipeline

December 1, 2020

A draft Māori model of wellbeing and organising, He Tāngata Ara Poutama, has been presented to te poari after six months of work by NZNO Māori cultural adviser Manny Downs.

Manager nursing and professional services Mairi Lucas told the board the model depicted a stairway, with each step representing excellence, skill, knowledge, achievement and understanding – all integral to wellbeing.


Chief executive Memo Musa advised the board the most important work from the model would be around training and supporting staff as they worked with Māori members in their workplaces.


The board also discussed the development of an equity tool/lens.

Musa said he had previously sought guidance as he was not aware of a framework that would apply in a union. After speaking to colleagues about a bicultural perspective, he believed the work had to start afresh.

Until a framework was developed, he expected that questions be asked on a daily basis about reducing inequalities.


Equity definition

Lucas was working to pull the Ministry of Health’s equity definition into a framework, Musa said. After that, he expected the policy team would work out guidance on how to use it within the organisation.

Kaiwhakahaere Kerri Nuku said the New Zealand Medical Association had done extensive work on their cultural safety and competence framework and equity lens.

It was hoped the NZNO framework would be ready for the December meeting.

This report was written from reports and minutes taken at the November 2020 board of directors meeting.