New NZNO student vaccinator category

July 1, 2021

The NZNO board has launched a new student member category, providing indemnity for provisional vaccinators.

The student-plus cover would be for the specific membership category: student provisional vaccinators – COVID-19.


Members must be able to show they have completed the provisional vaccinator course and are enrolled in a recognised nursing programme.

New members would pay $120, which included regular support services, plus indemnity for their work as a provisional COVID-19 vaccinator, including being employed as a vaccinator.

Existing members would pay the balance between their student rate and the $150 – about $75.

Student membership alone does not carry indemnity for work as a provisional vaccinator, in particular if the member is employed in this role.

NZNO has questioned government plans for layperson vaccinators as the programme ramps up.

Among these concerns was the issue of nurses being left responsible for unqualified vaccinators in cases such as anaphylactic reactions to the Pfizer vaccine.

It comes as plans for the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine appear to have changed – shaped by uncertainty about availability of the Pfizer vaccine itself.

Age cohorts

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced the rollout would not become available to all ages until October.

This new vaccination plan would be based on age cohorts.

From the end of July, the bulk of vaccines were expected to arrive, which would see the rollout broadened “considerably”.

Deliveries of the Pfizer vaccine would be weekly, with the Government given about four weeks’ notice of the size of each delivery.

Ardern said the first age cohort of the general population, over-60s, could book from July 28.

“We know enough about our supply to also announce that on the eleventh of August, New Zealanders aged 55 and over will be able to book a vaccine.

“From here, the rollout is indicative as we wait for exact details from our supplier.”

She said it was broadly expected that those over 45 years old would be able to book from mid to late August. Those over 35 could book from mid to late September.

The vaccine would become available to everybody from October.