New NZNO webpage for end-of-life choice implementation

July 1, 2021

NZNO is developing a webpage to provide timely information for members as Aotearoa counts down to November 7 this year – when the End of Life Choice Act (EOLCA) comes into being.

The new law will require an understanding on how it will impact on individual and collective nurse practitioners, nurse prescribers, nurses and other health-care professionals’ scopes and practice.

Guidelines to implementing EOLCA are being developed at Ministry of Health (MoH) level. However, NZNO is aware that members require helpful and practical information to guide their everyday work. The information has been collectively prepared by NZNO policy, legal and professional nursing advisors.


The information will be updated on a regular basis following meetings with interested parties, Nurse Practitioners New Zealand, MoH, district health boards, primary health organisations and the Nursing Council.


Any contributions from members would be welcomed.

If there are any specific topics that the NZNO needs to investigate or develop, members can contact NZNO staff.