New Zealand Faith Community Nurse Association closes

July 4, 2023

The New Zealand Faith Community Nurse Association (NZFCNA) has served many communities throughout New Zealand since a pilot at Nelson Cathedral over two decades ago begun by Elaine Tyrrell. This form of nursing practice combines practical nursing with the Christian ministry of health care.

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Changing circumstances have seen a drop in numbers of faith community nurses, and as a result, the membership agreed to the dissolution of the association at a special general meeting on June 10 this year.


Our sister organisation, the Australian Faith Community Nurse Association, is available to support and share professional resources with New Zealand nurses. Also, Nurses Christian Fellowship NZ has offered a platform to maintain fellowship and education as well as a means of holding NZFCNA archives.

We are hopeful that the vision which began our specialised service may be picked up again as we believe the Church to be a movement of healing and hope.

For further information, please contact Elaine Tyrrell of the NZFCNA at [email protected] or Mark Jones of the Nurses Christian Fellowship of NZ at [email protected]

Very Rev Charles Tyrrell
chair, NZFCNA board