Nurses look like ‘fools’

August 31, 2022

Regarding the letter written by Sam Mojel (May 11, 2022), it was EXACTLY what I was thinking and questioning. 

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The Government has high-powered lawyers who are good at making confusing statements and ambiguous offers that give with one hand while taking with the other. We have seen this time and time again — come on NZNO, as my union I expect you to be sharper than this.


Our new CEO has given me a glimmer of hope for the future of nursing. Nurses have been gracefully purchasing and swallowing the BS and sob stories of government and management for decades, foolishly expecting that we would be looked after in the greater scheme of things. For some time now, we have been clearly communicating that we are “not doing it anymore”. Government and management are shocked at our ability to stand up for ourselves and are retaliating with yet more underhanded tactics.

I wholeheartedly agree with your views, Sam Mojel:

What’s up with NZNO that it employs its own lawyers and yet couldn’t sew up watertight pay for the ‘hours worked’ deal in 2018 and 2021?”  ABSOLUTELY

“I expect the Government and health bosses to play dirty, but it is almost as if NZNO gets taken by surprise each time it deals with them.” YES, TIME AND TIME AGAIN, INCOMPETENT AND EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTING

“NZNO seems to think it is dealing with employers who are trustworthy and have integrity. This is not the case. That’s why we belong to a union! And that’s not altogether working out for us right now.”

“In future, I think NZNO needs to employ a reputable, top, well-briefed employment lawyer on a retainer at negotiation times, with nurses on the team to observe and consult, to get a result we can trust. I’ve been having conversations about class action bypassing NZNO, should the Employment Relations Authority not rule favourably for us. The NZNO board of directors risk management committee should consider that.”  AGREE

How was this mess allowed to happen? It just makes nurses look like fools.

Janeen Gillespie, RN,