NZ nurses wanted for research into perioperative nurse bullying

March 2, 2023

Does inter nurse bullying exist among perioperative nurses in Australia and New Zealand?

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I am an Irish nurse who has worked in Scotland and am now working in Australia. In my almost 40 years of nursing (17 of those as an operating theatre nurse) I have been subjected to inter-nurse bullying on two different occasions. Over time, I have noticed that both new and experienced nurses lack information on how to deal with it.

I sought resources to help and provide direction but only found assistance on managing the aftermath rather than dealing with the situation.  I was even told, at times, that bullying does not exist any longer.

Thus, the subject of my masters (nursing leadership) thesis at University of the Sunshine Coast became: “Does inter-nurse bullying exist among perioperative nurses in Australia and New Zealand?” And this is where I need your help.

Below is a link to the anonymous survey; which I would be most grateful if you could complete. Please feel free to share the link with your colleagues as well. There is a link on the site to provide your details if you want a copy of the results.

Margarette Somerville, RN, BHSc (public health)
University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland