Plunket negotiations underway in early May

May 1, 2021

Collective agreement (CA) negotiations between NZNO and Plunket were to take place on May 4 and 5, after members around the country endorsed a range of claims including a focus on Family Start and administration staff.

NZNO members in clinical roles at Plunket currently have pay parity with district health board (DHB) community rates and want that to be maintained in any new agreement. Also, those in frontline clinical roles want the option of being paid for eight hours a day rather than 7.6, as currently occurs.

NZNO lead advocate Danielle Davies said this was a “historical anomaly” and did not apply to other Plunket staff.



Family Start members in Tauranga and the Manawatū also want pay parity with Oranga Tamariki social workers.

Davies said there had been a good turnout from members at meetings. The new CA, when it was agreed, would likely have a short term as some pay rates and conditions would be aligned with the DHB multi-employer collective agreement, when it was settled.