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Aged care nurses are quitting, exhausted from working double shifts and long hours.
Equity, a focus on te Tiriti, and a nationwide 'one-system culture' touted.
Jackie Robinson - a voice for nurses on SCENZ - overseeing the End of Life Care Act.

Aged care nurses ‘backbone’ of system – Little

NZNO's aged care nurses are quitting, exhausted from working double shifts and long hours due to an estimated 1000-strong nursing shortfall nationally, says an NZNO aged care nurse leader, also thinking of leaving.

No nurse left behind: Cabinet expands vaccine mandate from original groups

NZNO is calling for a programme of COVID-19 booster shots for frontline workers who face waning protection.

High Court overturns MOH decision on Māori vaccination data

The Whānau Ora commissioning agency has won a judgement in the High Court in Auckland to gain individual information on unvaccinated North Island Māori.

Health reforms offer ‘one-system culture’

Minister of Health Andrew Little has touted equity, a focus on te Tiriti, and a nationwide "one-system culture" as highlights of legislation underpinning a health sector shakeup.

Pakeho: More Māori nurses needed

More kaupapa Māori wards and Māori nurses, less red tape and paper work, says returning tumu whakarae.

To care and be cared for

Over the past 12 years working as an aged care registered nurse (RN) in New Zealand, I, Ruth Abad, have seen a vast change in the profession.

The president comments

“A beginning is the time for taking the most delicate care that the balances are correct. This every sister of the Bene Gesserit knows.” - Manual of Muad’Dib by the Princess Irulan. (Dune).1

Together we are stronger – reflections on the DHB MECA campaign

We started this campaign with a clear intent that member leadership and unity would be key to our success. We finished this campaign united, strong, and with members standing together for themselves, their patients and the professions.

A daughter’s view from the inside – aged care

Earlier this year, NZNO delegate and registered nurse Jean Al-Daghestani quit the Lower Hutt aged care facility she has worked in as coordinator for the past six years for a community nursing role.

‘You can’t know what you would decide’

Nurse practitioner Jackie Robinson is a voice for nurses on the SCENZ – support and consultation for end of life in New Zealand – group overseeing the End of Life Care Act which came into effect November 7.

No one asked us

Auckland registered nurse and clinical nurse educator Anna Hickey wrote about a recent experience with a patient for her post-graduate diploma in child health at Auckland University of Technology.

‘I’m proud to be a nurse’: Mahina Adams on first COVID-19 wave in Paris

It was her first week in her final clinical placement in a Paris hospital when Mahina Adams was told COVID-19 was on its way.

Why would nurses resist vaccination?

Even health professionals are susceptible to COVID-19 misinformation. But why?

Mandatory vaccinations & workers’ rights

In October, the Government announced it would require all workers in the health and disability sector to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by January 1, 2022, as part of its public health response to COVID-19.

Rights are balanced by responsibilities

Two nursing academics ponder why some nurses are resistant to having the COVID-19 vaccine.

Mandatory vaccination – what about students?

A nursing lecturer who has noticed vaccine hesitancy among students argues it is their duty of care.

Getting it right in end-of-life care

This article was written by a palliative care nurse, about the distressing final days of her mother’s life. Identifying details of the people and institutions involved have been removed as the purpose of this viewpoint is not to point the finger but to appeal for skilled palliative care for dying people and their families.

The importance of nurse-led foot care

Nurses in primary care play an important role in managing foot care, especially for elderly, diabetic and disabled patients.

Autoimmune disorders – light on the horizon?

Autoimmunity occurs where the T- and B-lymphocytes stop distinguishing 'self' from 'non-self' and begin generating antibodies and immune memory cells against the body's own tissues.

Bargaining marathon on Heritage MUCA

Bargaining for Heritage Lifecare multi-union collective agreement (MUCA) has been a marathon.

Primary health care work continues, DHB bargaining concludes

A new date has been set down in meditation for long-running NZNO primary health care negotiations with Healthcare New Zealand and NZCare.

NZNO court win cemented right to strike

Strike action in the district health board (DHB) sector saw some sabre-rattling concerning life preserving services on the part of the DHBs.

Where to now for enrolled nurses?

NZNO's Enrolled Nurse Section (ENS) has been asking the Nursing Council for a review of the enrolled nurse (EN) scope of practice for some time.

NZNO online learning taking off for members

Last year, NZNO launched an online learning platform, after members asked for a blended online/face-to-face approach to delegate training amid COVID-19 restrictions.

Low nurse morale flagged by membership group

NZNO's membership committee is to ask NZNO leaders what is being done to highlight low morale and nursing stress due to short-staffing, rapid cycles of restructuring and loss of nursing leadership.