2024 skills and training scholarships offered to union members and families

November 3, 2023

Northen Drivers' Charitable Trust The Northern Drivers’ Charitable Trust (NDCT) is a registered charitable trust that was established in 1987.

Since 2019, the NDCT has been offering skills and training scholarships to members of unions affiliated with the Council of Trade Unions.


The spouse or child of the union member is also eligible to apply. This initiative allows the NDCT to fulfil its education and training objectives while contributing to the trade union community.

To raise awareness of these scholarships, the NDCT requests that your union informs its members about the financial assistance available for individuals who aspire to gain training or retraining in any trade, skill or tertiary study.

Scholarship applications are now open and will be accepted until January 20, 2024. The maximum value of each scholarship is $3000 per individual per year.

This year, the trust board has reinforced the union membership requirement. To be eligible for a scholarship, the union member must have a minimum of six months of active financial union membership before submitting a scholarship application.

We invite you to visit the NDCT website at www.driverstrust.org.nz for more information about the scholarship application process and to learn more about the Northern Drivers’ Charitable Trust.

Sheryl Cadman
First Union central regional secretary