Members to be part of constitutional review

December 1, 2020

Representatives from the mental health nursing section and cancer nurses college will be invited to be involved in the review of NZNO’s constitution, it was agreed at November’s NZNO board meeting.

The section and college jointly put up the policy remit for a full independent review of the constitution at this year’s annual general meeting (AGM), where it was passed.


At its November 3 meeting, the board agreed their representatives should be involved in the review.


Independent reviewer

Chief executive Memo Musa said the board needed to decide on the criteria for the review, as well as a process for finding an independent reviewer, as required by the remit.

He suggested possible reviewers have a constitutional law background, te Tiriti o Waitangi knowledge and be from a union background, and who can relate to members.

Kaiwhakahaere Kerri Nuku said tikanga knowledge was also needed.


Musa also recommended a panel of NZNO member representatives be appointed, for the reviewer/s to consult with.

The review needed to be ready by July 2021, when AGM papers were sent to member groups. The remit had called for it to be ready to vote on in the 2021 AGM, Musa said.

The board agreed that Musa draft the scope of the review; discuss the draft scope with the president, kaiwhakahaere, tumu whakarae and vice-president; contact a range of constitutional lawyers and prepare a draft paper for the December board meeting.

The constitutional review had been added to the board’s work plan from December 2020 on.

Safe staffing review

Work has begun to scope a review of NZNO’s safe staffing strategies, another remit passed at this year’s AGM.

The remit called for an independent evaluation of NZNO’s safe staffing strategies, including care capacity demand management, with options for other approaches including nurse-to-patient ratios to be considered.

Musa said a meeting had been held to prepare a draft scope for the review, after which independent reviewers would be appointed.

Timelines were tight and “ambitious”, with a report expected for the 2021 AGM. Musa said it might end up being an “interim” report rather than a complete evaluation. The inclusion of an equity lens would be part of the scope, he said.

This report was written from reports and minutes taken at the November 2020 board of directors meeting.