Membership rise predicted

December 1, 2020

NZNO membership in the first four months of this financial year has seen a net decrease of 2.3 per cent, corporate services manager David Woltman told the board.

Between March 31 and July 31, membership dropped 1212 from 51,643 to 50,431, a similar trajectory as this time last year although at a lower level, Woltman said in his report.


Membership was expected to recover as the district health board multi-employer collective agreement bargaining (DHB MECA) progressed, bringing more benefits to members. The loss had mostly been registered nurses and students.


Woltman said budgeted membership income for the year to date was down $71,000, with a drop of $213,000 expected for the full year to March 31, 2021, due to membership numbers being lower than budgeted for.

However, over the past six years to March 31, 2020, membership growth of eight per cent had outperformed the budgeted growth of one per cent per year, even with the recent drop since the last DHB MECA round in 2018.

That equated to nearly 2100 more members than budgeted for. The budgeted growth had been for 49,546 but had reached 51,643, he said.


Membership fees were the major source of income for NZNO, contributing 93 per cent, he noted.

COVID-19 savings

NZNO had a pre-tax surplus of $182,000 surplus in the four months to July 2020, which was $715,000 more than budgeted. This was mainly due to COVID-19 lockdown causing the cancellations of travel for member-related events and conferences, Woltman said in his report.


See membership fee table.

This report was written from reports and minutes taken at the November 2020 board of directors meeting.