Practice guide for cytotoxic drugs

March 1, 2021

WorkSafe Mahi Haumau Aotearoa has produced a good practice guide to help keep workers safe when handling cytotoxic drugs and related waste.

The guide aims to help persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBUs) working with cytotoxic drugs and related waste, to identify and control the health and safety risks of their work, and keep workers and other people, such as visitors to the workplace, safe.

Hospitals were the obvious audience for this guide and the health and safety of nurses, pharmacists, orderlies, cleaners, and laundry workers have all been considered in the advice, WorkSafe said.



The guide provides general advice and covers the possible adverse effects of cytotoxic drugs on health and the implementation of effective control measures. It examines the preparation and reconstitution of cytotoxic drugs, their administration and the handling of cytotoxic-contaminated linen and clothing. It also has a section devoted to the management of spills, including in home and community care settings.

The guide can be downloaded from the WorkSafe website – Health and safety in healthcare: Cytotoxic drugs.