Kai Tiaki Nursing New Zealand

My experience of being one of four Māori students in a class of 50.
ARC residents would like to enjoy a high standard of care. So why are nurses fleeing?
Proposed health reforms analysed from a historical perspective.

Matariki rises, a new year begins…

NZNO kaumātua Keelan Ransfield offers karakia for the new year and explains the significance of Matariki, the constellation made up of nine whetū (stars).

Members vote for three more strike dates

Industrial action could run for months as members send an 'historic' three-strikes message to district health boards.

Nurses ‘angrier’ this time

Nurses on strike on June 9 were angrier than during the July 2018 strike, according to senior NZNO delegate and duty nurse manager at Grey Hospital (Te Nīkau) Nelly Hofman. And the level of support for the strike, both from nurses and the public, was massive, she said.

Lockdown gets graphic novel treatment

A graphic novel is bridging the gap between nursing academia, and young research subjects.

NZNO meets with health reform transition boss

NZNO leaders have had a sit down and a cuppa with the man in charge of bringing about billion-dollar health reforms.

Push for extension of free period product timeframe

Period poverty campaigner Sarah Donovan wants the Government to commit to free period products in schools beyond three years.

Indigenous conference looks to maunga

The Indigenous Nurses Aotearoa Conference 2021 and hui ā-tau return in August.

New NZNO webpage for end-of-life choice implementation

NZNO is developing a webpage to provide timely information for members as Aotearoa counts down to November 7 this year – when the End of Life Choice Act (EOLCA) comes into being.

Travel concerns ease for Filipino nurses in Aotearoa

Restrictions on Filipino nurses trying to travel to New Zealand for work appear to have been lifted.

Petition launched over nurses’ prescribing powers

Amid a global medication shortage, Nurse Practitioners New Zealand (NPNZ) has petitioned the Government to urgently amend the Medicines Act to allow them to prescribe alternatives when approved medications have run out.

New NZNO student vaccinator category

The NZNO board has launched a new student member category, providing indemnity for provisional vaccinators.

West Coast nurse’s last stand

For one dedicated West Coast nurse, going on strike for a safer workplace was among her final acts of solidarity.

Nurses on the march

Aotearoa turned purple in June as NZNO members went on strike around the nation.

‘A lifetime of internalised racism manifested – and I broke.’

As Matariki nears and we begin to move into the New Year, so too comes the time for reflection.

What is the price of industrial action? We need those who stay behind

As we move into another phase of ongoing district health board (DHB) member industrial action, we should stop and spare a thought for those who stay on to hold the fort.

Why we need you to work, while colleagues strike

NZNO acting manager professional and nursing services Kate Weston and acting industrial services manager Glenda Alexander explain why staying behind to provide life-preserving services is crucial to the success of a strike.

The president comments

"Whāia te iti Kahurangi ki te tuohu koe me he maunga teitei" – Seek the treasure you value most dearly; if you bow your head, let it be to a lofty mountain.

Nursing ‘crisis’ in aged care

Many of us fortunate enough to live to a ripe old age will likely end up in a rest home or aged residential care (ARC) facility and would like to enjoy a high standard of care. So why are ARC nurses fleeing?

Away from the picket line – those who stay behind

Working while all your colleagues go on strike isn’t easy – but it's crucial. Nurses share their experiences of providing life-preserving services (LPS) during the June 9 strike.

Nurses and unionists acknowledged in Queen’s Birthday honours

Four of our brightest stars celebrated and acknowledged in the Queen’s Birthday honours list.

EQUITY: Abstract concepts have cold, hard consequences

In te reo Māori, co-editor Joel Maxwell welcomes readers to our Matariki edition, before focusing – in reo Pākehā – on the importance of equity in our work.

‘Karanga of change’ calls all of us – no matter our role in health world

NZNO policy advisor Māori, Leanne Manson (Ngāti Tama Ki Te Tau Ihu, Te Ātiawa) explores the kaupapa of equity, and what it means in the health sector.

NZNO launches project to create ‘staunch equity advocates’

NZNO’s board has made a commitment to ensure staff and members are part of the equity journey.

Critical te Tiriti Analysis: A tool to strengthen te Tiriti o Waitangi compliance

A new tool to analyse documents' compliance with te Tiriti cuts through the rhetoric and gets to the nitty-gritty.

The roots of today’s public health system

Economist Brian Easton analyses the Government’s proposed health reforms, firstly from an historical perspective. In the second article in this series, in next month’s issue, he looks ahead to where the reforms might take us.

Driving under the influence of prescribed medication

Many prescribed drugs can impair a person's driving, even when they are being taken correctly.

Supporting patients on the new diabetes meds: What you need to know

Diabetes clinical nurse specialist Lisa Sparks discusses the place of empagliflozin and dulaglutide in treatment of type 2 diabetes, with emphasis on potential side effects, sick-day management and improving patient adherence.

Diabetes insipidus: The diabetes that’s not about glucose

Due to its name, diabetes insipidus is often confused with the more common diabetes mellitus. But it is a completely separate condition with different causes and different treatment.

NZ hysteroscopy training on the way

NZNO Women's Health College (WHC) is working with a New Zealand polytechnic to bring hysteroscopy training for nurses to New Zealand.

NZNO bargaining continues across sectors

DHB MECA negotiations might have snapped up the limelight, but important work continued in other health sectors in June.